Iterate Faster: Design-Print-Test-Learn

More than ever before, science and innovation are intersecting in a race for results, whether it is developing new cell & gene therapies, mRNA personalized vaccines, immune system modular drugs, or new diagnostics tests, researchers need to get there faster. The SYNTAX STX-200 Platform has a small footprint that enables users to enzymatically print DNA, in the laboratory, for a wide range of genomics and synthetic biology applications to accelerate their development workflows.

The speed of the SYNTAX Platform and the breadth of applications enabled by the reagent kits allow genomics researchers who need DNA oligos, primers, and probes for real-time qPCR, Sanger sequencing, next-generation sequencing (NGS), synthetic biology (CRISPR, gene synthesis, and mutagenesis), FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization), and smFISH applications to finish their experiments before others even start.

With a single benchtop SYNTAX Platform and an expanding line of reagent kits for various applications, users can continue to eliminate bottlenecks to rapidly iterate their experiments by replacing oligos ordered from commercial suppliers with oligos printed in-house, on-demand. Download the Oligo Benchmarking Study here:

SYNTAX 96 Hi-Fidelity Kits

The SYNTAX 96 Hi-Fidelity Kits include the reagent and consumables required for the parallel enzymatic synthesis of 96 ready-to-use DNA oligos of up to 120 nucleotides (nt) in length and are intended for use in applications requiring high sequence accuracies, such as gene assembly, protein mutagenesis, or CRISPR gene editing.

  • Turnaround time: ~6 hours for 20mer oligos; ~23 hours for 120mer oligos
  • Oligo length: 15-120 nt
  • Yield and concentration: ≥200 pmol and ≥5 μM (≥95% of wells)*

*For oligos determined to be of standard synthesis difficulty by the Console Software

SYNTAX 96 Standard Kits

The SYNTAX 96 Standard Kits include all reagents and consumables required for the parallel enzymatic synthesis of 96 ready-to-use DNA oligos of up to 80 nt in length and are intended for use in applications requiring labelled oligos, those requiring higher yield of oligos, or with degenerate bases.

SYNTAX 192 Label Kit

The SYNTAX 192 Label Kit includes supplemental reagents and consumables required for the parallel enzymatic synthesis of ready-to-use labelled DNA probes on a SYNTAX System. Users can synthesize 96 single-labelled probes, e.g., biotinylated probes, or dual-labelled probes, e.g., with a fluorophore and quencher. Labelled probes are rapidly synthesized in less than a day, enabling same or next-day use in downstream workflows. Probe synthesis requires the use of the SYNTAX DNA Synthesis kit, the SYNTAX 96 Standard run kit, and SYNTAX Labels (sold separately).

  • Use labelled probes for a variety of techniques, including qPCR, NGS target enrichment, and FISH.
  • Select from a menu of SYNTAX Labels that includes five fluorophores, three quenchers, or biotin. Up to two labels can be incorporated in each probe (each sold separately).
  • Select the label of your choice. Fluorophores and quenchers are available in pack sizes of 16, 48, and 96 reactions. Biotin is available in a pack of 96 reactions only.

Select the correct kits to synthesize oligos for the Application of your choice

SYNTAX 96 Hi-Fidelity KitsSYNTAX 96 Standard Kits
APPLICATIONGene assembly, protein mutagenesisqPCR probes, PCR primers, Sanger Sequencing primers, FISH probes
OLIGO LENGTH15-120 nt15-80 nt
PROBE SYNTHESISNot supported currentlySingle or dual labelled probes (fluorophores, quenchers, or biotin)
2) SYNTAX 96 Hi-Fidelity Run Kit


1) SYNTAX DNA Synthesis Kit
2) Requires the SYNTAX 96 Hi-Fidelity Run Kit, Custom iDNA, Pack of 8
1)SYNTAX DNA Synthesis Kit
2) SYNTAX 96 Standard Run Kit With labelled probes:
3)SYNTAX 192 Label Kit Fluorophores/Quenchers/Biotin


1) SYNTAX DNA Synthesis Kit
2) Requires the SYNTAX Standard Run Kit, Custom iDNA, Pack of 8 With labeled probes:
3)SYNTAX 192 Label Kit Fluorophores/Quenchers/Biotin

Select the correct label for your research

SYNTAX Labels include five fluorophores and three quenchers, and users can select the fluorophore and the associated quencher, if required, based on their choice and experimental needs.

FluorophorePeak ExcitationPeak EmissionQuencher
Green (488)495 nm519 nmQuencher 1Use with FAM channel​
Yellow (532)532 nm552 nmQuencher 1Use with HEX channel​
Orange (550)554 nm576 nmQuencher 2Use with TAMRA channel​
Red (565)564 nm590 nmQuencher 2Use with ROX channel​
Deep Red (647)646 nm664 nmQuencher 3Use with CY5 channel​
Great Data and Great Results—FAST

Primers and probes printed on the SYNTAX System in hours perform comparably to those ordered from service providers.

Ordering Information
Catalog NumberProduct Name
102196/102188/102180SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Green
102197/102189/102181SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Yellow
102198/102190/102182SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Orange
102199/102191/102183SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Red
102200/102192/102184SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Deep Red
102193/102185/102177SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Quencher 1
102194/102186/102178SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Quencher 2
102195/102187/102179SYNTAX 16/48/96 Label, Quencher 3
101868SYNTAX 96 Hi-Fidelity Run Kit
101869SYNTAX 96 Standard Run Kit 
101867SYNTAX DNA Synthesis Kit 
101991SYNTAX 192 Label Kit 
100785SYNTAX 96 Label, Biotin 
101969SYNTAX 96 Label, Green (488) 
101970SYNTAX 96 Label, Yellow (532)  
101971SYNTAX 96 Label, Orange (550) 
101972SYNTAX 96 Label, Red (565) 
101973SYNTAX 96 Label, Deep Red (647) 
101966SYNTAX 96 Label, Quencher 1 
101967SYNTAX 96 Label, Quencher 2 
101968SYNTAX 96 Label, Quencher 3 
100779SYNTAX 48 Label, Green (488) 
100934SYNTAX 48 Label, Yellow (532)  
100932SYNTAX 48 Label, Orange (550) 
100780SYNTAX 48 Label, Red (565) 
100781SYNTAX 48 Label, Deep Red (647) 
100773SYNTAX 48 Label, Quencher 1 
100774SYNTAX 48 Label, Quencher 2 
100775SYNTAX 48 Label, Quencher 3
100782SYNTAX 16 Label, Green (488) 
100935SYNTAX 16 Label, Yellow (532)  
100933SYNTAX 16 Label, Orange (550) 
100783SYNTAX 16 Label, Red (565) 
100784SYNTAX 16 Label, Deep Red (647) 
100776SYNTAX 16 Label, Quencher 1 
100777SYNTAX 16 Label, Quencher 2
100778SYNTAX 16 Label, Quencher 3