DNA Script’s vision is to accelerate scientific discovery and innovation by making it incredibly easy for researchers to access synthetic DNA by printing it in their own lab. We believe that broadly accessible synthetic DNA holds the promise for researchers to solve some of mankind’s biggest challenges. Toward that end, we invite you to join the DNA Scriptors Early Access Program to gain exclusive early access to the latest DNA Script technology.

Whether you study genomics or synthetic biology, fast access to synthetic genes is critical. Don’t let external suppliers’ delivery times slow you down. Take control of your workflow with the SYNTAX System to enable same-day access by printing DNA on demand directly at your bench in hours.

Collaborators have leveraged DNA Script technology to innovate in a variety of areas, including gene assembly, mRNA vaccine development, and protein mutagenesis. Check out these latest application notes, where researchers accelerated their workflows with on-demand DNA synthesized via the benchtop SYNTAX System:

Gene Assembly Application Note


Mutagenesis Application Note


sgRNA Production Application Note


What is the DNA Scriptors Early Access Program?

The DNA Scriptors Early Access Program is an exclusive opportunity for researchers to gain access to our latest technology to spur innovation, get ahead of the competition, and help us develop products that exceed customer needs and expectations. As part of the DNA Scriptors Early Access Program, members

  • Gain exclusive earlier access to new instrument features and technology improvements
  • Enjoy preferential pricing and prioritized service and support
  • Join a community of key users for networking and collaboration
  • Receive direct support from DNA Script to promote or publish research

Your active feedback helps us develop products that align with your—and the market’s— needs. Sharing your enthusiasm for the powerful benefits the SYNTAX System provides increased ability to plan your workflows, greater productivity and efficiency, and accelerated turnaround times.

“Being part of the DNA Scriptors Early Access Program provides access to this leading technology needed to speed the manufacture of mRNA vaccines. This access will enable rapid response to emerging infectious diseases and support the development of personalized vaccines in cancer.”

— Tim Mercer, Ph.D., BASE Director and Assistant Professor, University of Queensland

We’re always working on longer sequence length, higher synthesis yield, improved synthesis purity, and higher throughput. Becoming a DNA Scriptor means you may get early access to upcoming products to print more oligos in parallel that are longer in length and at a higher yield, enabling accelerated antibody discovery and greater control over cell and gene therapy workflows.

Get early access to enable:

  • Next-day assembly of even longer gene fragments
  • Assembly of hundreds of antibody genes per week
  • Completion of hundreds of mutagenesis reactions in a single day
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