SYNTAX Platform

A completely new paradigm in oligo production that puts you back in control

A new paradigm in DNA synthesis, the SYNTAX Platform powered by Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) technology

Designed for ease-of-use, productivity, convenience, control, and confidentiality, the SYNTAX platform, consisting of the SYNTAX System, kits, and software, enables automated nucleic acid synthesis on your benchtop in your lab. With same-day synthesis and a menu of modifications, researchers can access oligos for a range of molecular biology and genomics workflows anytime, eliminate bottlenecks in productivity, and iterate rapidly to accelerate innovation.

Seamlessly Integrates into Your Existing Workflows

Oligonucleotides are needed for almost every established and emerging genomics and life science application. The SYNTAX System produces molecular biology-ready oligos, which can be rapidly deployed in new or existing workflows.

The Console Software accepts oligo sequences, designed using your favorite software tools, in commonly used formats.

Following synthesis, the SYNTAX System desalts, quantifies, and normalizes oligos, ready for the next step in your workflow with standard equipment and protocols.

Saves You Time

Design, print, and test
custom primers and probes in a single day.

With the SYNTAX Platform that enables printing primers and labeled probes in a few hours, researchers can finish experiments before others even receive their orders from commercial suppliers.

Reduces Waste and Saves on Your Costs

Print the amount of each probe you need for your qPCR assays without throwing anything away.

When ordering custom probes and primers from external suppliers, even the minimum order quantities are often more than necessary, resulting in unused portions of these reagents being thrown away, or taking up freezer space. By printing custom probes on the SYNTAX System in your own lab now you can print the amount of primers and probes needed for an assay, and have a more cost-effective and efficient assay development solution.

Accelerates Innovation through Rapid Iteration

Therapeutics and diagnostics development rely on a process of design-build-test-learn iterations. When researchers design new oligos for an experiment and submits those designs to an external vendor, they must wait for the oligos to be synthesized, shipped, and delivered to the lab. The wait creates a significant bottleneck in the research process and delays the results and learning from the experiments. The ability to print DNA oligos in-house, either the same day or overnight, ready for use the next day, can be an advantage for academic labs, assay developers, biopharma, diagnostics companies and others racing to be the first to develop a drug, discover a biomarker, or diagnose a disease. With same day DNA printing, a researcher can incorporate the day’s results into a print run on the same night then be ready to run experiments the next day. For short projects, this can mean a few days saved. But with the complexity of discovery and development projects today that can last years, the ability to iterate rapidly results in weeks or months of accelerated research and finishing first.

Sequence in,
Ready-to-use oligos out.

  • 15- to 30-min setup time, plug-and-play automation
  • Onboard purification, quantification, and normalization of oligos
  • Delayed start for convenient run timing
  • EDS technology for template-free synthesis
  • Complete reagent & consumables kit, including 4 inks (A, T, G, C)
  • Convenient, cartridge-based reagents
  • Custom synthesis plates available
  • No hazardous organic solvents
SYNTAX System Software and Console Software
  • Intuitive, remote interface for seamless planning and automation
  • Dashboard with status indicators and quick links
  • Plan runs; view and manage results
  • Coordinate multiple projects and instruments
  • Design and manage custom synthesis plates

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