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What is Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS)?

Enzymatic DNA synthesis (EDS) is a new type of technology for DNA production. It employs three core components: 1) highly engineered terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) enzymes; 2) reversibly terminated nucleotides; and 3) solid supports preloaded with iDNA. Learn more about EDS technology.

What role does terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) play in EDS?

TdT is one of the three core components that makes EDS possible. Specialized TdT enzymes, chosen for their unique ability to add diversity during gene recombination, add reversibly-terminated nucleotides to the 3’-end of any single DNA strand with high fidelity and coupling efficiency.

What are some of the benefits of enzymatic vs. chemical synthesis?

Enzymatic synthesis offers the unique ability to add a pre-synthesized sequence to the 3’-end of existing, native, single-stranded DNA. While chemically synthesized DNA may use harsh chemicals, enzymatic synthesis is water-based, accessible to any lab, and can be run with same-day results for guaranteed delivery of custom DNA oligos.

What are the dimensions of the SYNTAX System instrument?

SYNTAX System fits on most laboratory bench tops. For more information regarding bench & laboratory requirements, please contact customer support.

What is the length of the DNA oligos that can be synthesized on the SYNTAX System?

The SYNTAX System can synthesize oligos from 15nt to 60nt in length.

Can DNA Script assist with long oligo synthesis?

The SYNTAX system that is available on the market today synthesizes oligos up to 60nt long. We have shown that EDS can be used to synthesize oligos over 200nt long and are working hard to make that available to the market with new kits and products in the future.

What are my final DNA oligos eluted into?

All synthesized oligos are eluted into biology-grade water.

How many DNA oligos can I synthesize?

SYNTAX can synthesize 1-96 different oligos in parallel in a 96-well plate.

How long does it take to synthesize a 96-well plate of 20nt DNA oligos?

SYNTAX System synthesizes a 96-well plate of oligos 20nt in length in approximately 6 hours.

How long does it take to synthesize a 96-well plate of 60nt DNA oligos?

SYNTAX System synthesizes a 96-well plate of oligos 60nt in length in approximately 13 hours.

How much does enzymatic DNA synthesis cost?

The SYNTAX System enables custom DNA oligo printing on a bench top instrument, giving you full control over oligo production and freeing you from delays and backorders due to third-party manufacturing and logistics challenges. To discuss instrument costs and individual pricing terms, please request a quote.

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