GP-write Partners with DNA Script to Accelerate DNA-Writing Technology and Accessibility

NEW YORK & SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif | October 18, 2021

Genome Project-write (GP-write) welcomes DNA Script as one of the newest members of its Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). Together with DNA Script and other members, the IAB aims to develop a virtual foundry and incubator to streamline genome-writing, accelerate the typical design-build-test workflow and advance deep algorithmic learning to reduce workflow costs and timing. The first version of GP-write’s computer-aided design (CAD) tool for whole genome design will be unveiled at the virtual GP-write 5.0 conference, October 21-22.

GP-write’s CAD is a one-stop shop for microbe, plant and animal genome writing and redesign. Its automated workflow allows users to rapidly upload a genome, redesign it and synthesize the new sequence. The tool enables researchers to directly order synthetic DNA or related products and services from GP-write’s affiliated members.

DNA Script’s SYNTAX System, a benchtop DNA printer powered by their groundbreaking enzymatic DNA synthesis (EDS) technology, enables users to print sequences designed on GP-write’s CAD tool right in their lab. The first-of-its-kind DNA printer expedites workflows, making DNA writing as simple and efficient as next-generation sequencing.

DNA Script will host a roundtable at the GP-write 5.0 conference on October 22 at 12:30 p.m. ET to engage attendees in a discussion centered on biosecurity as it relates to emerging technologies, including GP-write’s new CAD tool and DNA Script’s SYNTAX System.

“We’re pleased to join GP-write and their industrial partners to drive innovation on the forefront of DNA printing technologies,” said Thomas Ybert, co-founder and CEO of DNA Script. “Just as NGS, or DNA ‘read,’ and CRISPR, or DNA ‘edit,’ have brought significant advances to research and clinical care, we believe the broad accessibility of synthetic DNA printing, or DNA ‘write,’ offered by our SYNTAX System will be equally transformative and power the next bio-revolution.”

GP-write President and General Counsel, Amy Cayne Schwartz, notes that the organizations are partnering to work toward realizing “a shared vision of a future where writing genomes is facile, democratized and safely accessible.” Schwartz explains that “this will open up new frontiers for development of novel therapeutics and solutions for environmental health.”